Alternative Christmas Party Ideas

alternative christmas party ideas

Help with Alternative Christmas Party Ideas

Dear Aunty Martin,

I work in an office and we’re all talking about different, unusual or alternative Christmas Party Ideas. Last year we visited a monastery and Dave in accounts ended up becoming a monk which has caused great problems with the year end accounts. We’re looking for something fresh, funny and exciting but we don’t know where to begin. We also want something that will be special, that will bring us all together and maybe even get Dave out of the monkhood.

Thank you in advance of your great wisdom,
Sharon, 41 years old, 9 stone (size 10), London.

Aunty Martin Responds…

My dearest Sharon,

Oh deary me! I’m hearing a lot of these types of problems at this time of year, people really do want something fresh and funny but don’t know what it is. Plus I can’t tell you how many letters I get from accountancy firms whose staff have run off to various monasteries, though I must say they do seem happier there.

The good news is your problem is very easily solvable. For a really Alternative Christmas Party Idea I recommend a Personalised Bespoke Comedy Show – like going to the best comedy club, but having the performance tailored to your team or brand. I know that this can be arranged at a venue of your choice or one of a huge selection at Bespoke Comedy’s fingertips.

Although I have to say off the bat that I don’t think they will be able to run in any place of worship for reasons of Public Liability.

Of course, you could also just hire one comedian for a shorter but just as effective solution to your problem. Again, Bespoke Comedy will work with you to ensure the performance is tailored for your crowd.

Check out the below for links and guidance!

Alternative Christmas Party Ideas – The Solution!

Make this Christmas More Than Just Merry! Get yourself a Personalised Comedy Show with famous TV names and hilarious jokes tailored to your crowd!
You’ll still be laughing at Easter after enjoying one of our Christmas Comedy Shows or if you just want some comedy on a smaller scale, why not Hire A Comedian For Christmas and add some hearty laughs to your festive season.

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