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Want To Book Micky Flanagan?

It was about 1998 and Micky Flanagan closed our first show in an old pub, The Reliance in Old Street (still there, bit trendier now!). Anyway, needless to say Micky did a sterling job… now look at him! Hard work and talent and graft got this East End lad on the box! Although well known on the circuit way before, his first big break was in 2010 with his own Radio 4 series and an appearance on The Royal Variety Show that pretty much blew all the other acts away… The following tour became the fastest sellout since Izzard.
We simply cannot see any end to this Rise of Flanagan!

Of course, booking Micky will be a tad more than when we first booked him for that little pub gig – but he’s worth every penny. Your event needs that Special Micky Magic, that undeniable Flanagan Charm…

Micky Flanagan – Birth Of A Catchphrase…

Soon “going out, out” became a national catchphrase. That’s when you know you’ve cracked it! And no one deserves it more than young Micky. Charming, warm and as affable a chap as you’re ever likely to meet – and amazingly can still create the intimate atmosphere of ‘having a chat down the pub with your mate’ in huge venues across the country.

Micky Flanagan – East End Charmer and All Round Good Fella!

Micky worked very hard to get where he is today, years of working the circuit honing his craft until it was ready to propel him where he is today.
There is no ‘overnight success’ in this game. It takes graft and Micky is a grafter and, it has to be said, a true legend.

“Astonishingly good – a cockney extraordinaire and cracking stand- up.” TIME OUT
“Micky’s take on his working-class East End background is side-splitting…” THE SUNDAY TIMES

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