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How Much Is It To Hire A Comedian?

Woolly fees? Odd price ranges? You just want to know costs, right…

First off, we agree and we feel your pain.

If only comedian hire was like buying from Amazon, nice fixed prices and an easy way to compare.
how much to hire a comedian

A Minute of Your Time (saves quite a lot)

Give us a minute and we’ll do our level best to explain why we (or anyone else for that matter) can’t just list fixed prices (and why anyone who does is a bit silly) – and actually why that benefits you in the end.

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An Outline of Average Comedian Fees

Here’s a rough outline of what a comedian would earn on a Saturday night in London.
We don’t list talent with under two years experience because generally speaking they just do not have the stagecraft to handle private shows.
That’s often the reason things can go wrong, a client wants to keep costs down so the agency offers a newer inexperienced comic…and calamity ensues.
We don’t take risks with your event.
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Show me the money…

Then we may be in a position where an act is bedding in material for a new tour or a TV appearance – this means they want as much stage time as possible. That may have a bearing on the fee.

Our Trust equals Your Savings

Because we book so many acts and have tens of thousands of hugely successful shows under our belt we are extremely well respected and trusted within the industry.
Comedians know that we will do all the ground work and that the event will always be fun.
To be honest we turn down more work than we do simply because if there are doubts around the event setup there is simply no point in taking a chance.
We always run on the basis that everyone should walk away elated.

Don’t Pay the Sticker Price (or ferry man)

At Bespoke you’ll never be walking through the front door and paying sticker price on a one off show.
Because we are generally running around fifty private shows a month we have traction with everyone involved.
We are highly trusted within all areas of the comedy community through the hard work and decades worth of shows we have run exceptionally well.
All of this equates to big savings and less hassle for you.

So yes, we feel your pain on the exact fee front.
But our aim is to make the whole thing as painless (and successful) as possible so just click below and we’ll ring you to discuss further.