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Want To Hire Terry Alderton?

When you hire Terry Alderton you are hiring one of the most innovative comedians in the world today and he defies any straightforward categorisation…. but we’ll tell you this, he’s damn funny.

Layer upon layer of jokes build in a crazy rhythm as Terry battles with the voices inside his head, interacts with the crowd and builds something genuinely new for every performance.
That’s really the essence of his comedy magic, he’s conjuring a lot of his material out of nowhere in real time and you’re lucky enough to go along for the ride.
Whether he’s talking to a dancing bear that’s fond of Tommy Cooper or watching his own feet have a conversation (yes, you read that right) or even rewinding an entire show at high speed (yes, you read that right again). There really is no one like him.

Izzard once famously remarked to Terry backstage at London’s Comedy Store “I can’t do what you can; you need to be out there and on tour”

You’ll get everything from Terry except the standard joke format of ‘setup, punch’. You’ll get physical routines, impressions, dance moves, sound effects, songs and banter – and that’s sometimes just him arguing with himself!

Terry puts it best when he says “You’ll never see the same show twice”.

He has huge experience from Prime Time TV shows, and live performances to crowds of thousands.

“Electrifying stage presence and hilarious, first rate impressions.”
“Terry Alderton was sensational and hilarious.”


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