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  • Hire A Comedian (How To)
  • Alternative Christmas Party Ideas Help with Alternative Christmas Party Ideas Dear Aunty Martin, I work in an office and we’re all talking about different, unusual or alternative Christmas Party Ideas. Last year we visited a monastery and Dave in accounts ended up becoming a monk which has caused great problems with the year end accounts. We’re looking for something fresh, funny and exciting but we don’t know where to begin. We also want something that will be special, that will bring us all together and maybe even get Dave out of the monkhood. Thank you in advance of your great wisdom, Sharon, 41 years old, 9 stone (size 10), London. Aunty Martin Responds… My dearest Sharon, Oh deary me! I’m hearing a lot of these types of problems at this time of year, people really do want something fresh and funny but don’t know what it is. Plus I can’t tell you how many letters I get from accountancy firms whose ...
  • Aunty Martin Answers: I’ve Forgotten How To Laugh Please Help Me Aunty Martin… Dear Aunty Martin, For the last few months I have been feeling strange, my mouth slopes down at the edges. I feel heavy. I get up late and shuffle about in my underpants. My girlfriend has recently moved out, she wants the old me back. But her leaving has made me feel worse. I have tried watching humorous programmes on TV but they also just make my mouth turn down more. Sometimes I cry for no reason. I just don’t know what to do, please help me! Lots of Love, Kevin, 27, Leeds. Aunty Martin Responds… Dear Kevin, I really hear you m’love. You sound in a right tight spot and then some. But to the trained medical eye, or in my case, eyes – the problem is easy to see. You are depressed. You have fallen into a rut. And you need a jolly good laugh. Of course, you’ve tried TV to cheer yourself ...
  • Hiring Comedians – The Benefits Hiring Comedians – Will It Make You Live Longer?! Laughing is enjoyable, I think we’re all agreed. But in the last thirty years more scientific research has been made to show that there are great physiological benefits to laughing for your general well-being and health. So, what are these effects and what can you do to get more of them? Laughter… The Best Medicine? When you get stressed the body releases all sorts of stress hormones, epinephrine, dopamine and cortisol. After continued stress and therefore exposure to these chemicals you can end up feeling downright grumpy and crusty. Here’s the good news, laughing reduces the level of these hormones and also encourages the body to release more happy chemical goodies in the form of endorphins. It doesn’t end there though. When you laugh your body increases production of antibody-producing cells as well as enhancing the efficiency of the cells that fight off infection (known as T ...
  • Hiring Comedians and Private Comedy Shows – What, How and Why? he stand up comedy scene in the UK has never been bigger and there has never been a better time to hire comedians to add laughs to your event or put on a whole comedy show. Whether you’re a business looking for some unusual corporate entertainment or need to add some humour to an awards ceremony; or you’re holding a private party and looking for a fresh way to entertain your friends and family you can rest assured that hiring comedians for your event will be discussed in glowing terms for months afterwards by all and sundry! We Make Comedian Hire and Private Comedy Shows as easy as A-B-C! Of course, it can be intimidating if you’ve never attempted to arrange something like this before but worry not – because Bespoke Comedy make the process straightforward and worry free. Our superb knowledge of over 1500 comedians and our friendly, helpful expert staff mean ...

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