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* John Bishop is our surprise guest on Bespoke Comedy's National RAF Tour - Funny Fokkers *


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Hello there!

You’re here because you want to hire a comedian and we’re here to guide you through the whole process: from matching the best suited talent to your event and doing the all-important groundwork, to providing 24 hour support and creating a truly memorable & utterly hilarious show for you.

Our twenty years experience will benefit you greatly, just as it has our thousands of happy clients including HRH Princess Anne, The RAF, Skype, Google, Sky, Hilton Worldwide and Barclays to name but a few.

And we GUARANTEE SUCCESS. Can’t say fairer than that can we?

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Milton Jones Corporate Party


Hal Cruttenden Awards Show


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Nightly Show for Sky Sports


Show for HRH Princess Anne

Overwhelmed? Don’t be!

At the time of writing, excluding very new talent, there are over 2,000 comedians performing in the UK. Between us all here, we’ve probably seen them all. Now, we’ve got plenty of videos and biographies of comedians on our website, and by all means, check them out….

comedian hire selection
But be warned: selecting comedians is a little like smelling perfumes or choosing aftershave… if you don’t hit the right note after seven or eight, they all start to blend together. Before you know it, you’re mixing your ‘Lynx Africa’ with your Britney Spears ‘Fantasy’ (and conjuring disturbing images of Alan Partridge in a gymslip). This is where we step in…

Good News!

We do all the hard work for you
All you need to do is contact us with your requirements and budget, and, using our in-depth knowledge and years of experience, we’ll bend over backwards to find the right acts for your event.

Oh, and did we mention that we’ve been running comedy clubs since 1995? Or that Ricky Gervais and Billy Connolly used to ‘pop in’ to our West End club to try out new stuff? Or that Tim Vine once took us to his house to show us his amazing ‘Room of Props’? Oh yeah, we’ve been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

Your Comedy Requirements

But before this turns into one big boast-a-thon, let’s get back to you. What do you want?
Because that’s the most important thing in all of this. Would you like:
a) A well-known TV comedian to make a big impression
b) A quick thinking comic to host an award ceremony
c) A comedian to liven up the end of a conference?
d) A ‘selection box’ of three great comedians for one knock-out show
e) None of the above – I have my own unique idea (yay!)
f) What was the question again?

comedian hire requirements

Special trademarked Secret Process

Through a trademarked secret process known only as ‘getting to know you and your event’ we can find the perfect fit between what you want and how it can be achieved, whilst keeping within your allocated budget. Don’t worry: we do this as conversationally as possible…you won’t feel interrogated!

Sure, the process isn’t rocket science. But our special way of mixing the key ingredients, in the right proportions, whilst avoiding the potential pitfalls, has a distinctly scientific flavour. And, you know, if it was a proper science, then we’d like to think we’ve earned our Masters. And PhD. Probably an NVQ as well.

How long does it take?

Once we know your requirements it generally takes about twenty four hours for us to create you a Personalised Brochure with the perfect selection of talent eminently suited for your event.

comedian list
Hire Simon EvansHire Milton JonesHire Micky FlanaganHire Terry Alderton Hire Hal CruttendenHire Tim VineHire Bob MillsHire Adam Bloom Hire Nina ContiHire Jo BrandHire Greg DaviesHire Bobby Davro Hire Bill BaileyHire Ross NobleHire Harry HillHire Lee Mack

Our Philosophy

For about six months we racked our brains trying to explain in ‘business speak’ what we do. We tried numerous mission statements *groan* before going down the pub for ‘inspiration’. After two glasses of very nice Chardonnay (Marsannay Blanc, 2010), we came up with this! It’s still framed on our wall to this day

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So call us on 0843 523 5343 or drop us a quick message

Send Us A Message

We aim to respond within five minutes 8am to 8pm

What do they call you?

If you would prefer we called you.

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Allow us to help you benefit from our eighteen years experience in creating perfect comedy entertainment. Whether you need to hire a comedian for a corporate event, the end of a conference, a private comedy show or indeed any event where some laughs will help…
We are dedicated to ensuring your event is a hilarious SUCCESS!

Top Notch Talent, Superior Experience

We pride ourselves on ensuring the comedians completely complement your event.
Our vast knowledge and experience of the UK comedy circuit enables us to guarantee
A Great Result Every Time.

The UK’s Largest Selection

We have the largest database of comedians in the UK. However, we also understand that selecting the right ones is a bit of an art…and a little like smelling perfumes – after about six they all start to blend together.
We don’t ask or expect our clients to wade through hundreds of videos, pages and biogs – that’s our job. We do, however, list about a hundred of our favourites in various categories. They help you find the tone you want and from there we can help you make further choices…

Big Benefits

You’ll benefit from our vast experience from comedy in every setting. And we do mean every:
Comedy in a moving car? Tick.
Comedy in a 2000 square metre gym for HRH Princess Anne? Tick.
Undercover comedy for parties? Tick.
Comedy to liven up a large conference? Tick.
A national comedy tour on military bases? Tick.

Hiring a comedian or putting on a comedy show
can be a nerve wracking experience.
But at Bespoke Comedy our mission is to make the
whole process as easy and simple as possible.
We offer clients a Money Back Guarantee because we are confident that our efforts in creating the right environment will create nothing but exceptional results.
Your boss will thank you.
If you’re the boss, then your staff & clients will thank you.

private comedy show
private comedy show 3
private comedy show 4

The Professional Comedy Service

When you hire comedians, the results are immeasurably funnier and successful if some extra preparations are made. That’s what we do! We ensure your event and venue are setup with the best possible results in mind and in return everybody benefits.
It makes the whole process of hiring a comedian headache free! This, coupled with our superb relationships with both comedians and agents make us a winning combination.

How We Work

  • We tend to all the details to ensure the comedian performs at their best
  • Your audience enjoy a hilarious performance because the comedian was in an optimum setting
  • The comedian, knowing we always set events up perfectly, is happy to work for less
  • Our superb relationships with comedians and agents means you won’t pay ‘sticker price’
  • Everyone wins! The comic has a great time, as does your audience and wallet.
  • The money you save can be spent on sherry, cake or shoes. Everybody lives happily ever after.
    True story.

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What Happens Next?

We’ll get back to you as fast as we can! We’ll discuss your requirements, the venue, the occasion and if possible we’d love to meet with you and, ideally, see the performance space.
We do understand that isn’t always possible, and we always have a number of other offsite means to optimise the space to ensure everything runs perfectly.

One Liners…

Four fonts walk into a bar the barman says: Oi - get out! We don't want your type in here.


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