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"A comedian hitting his prime" The Scotsman

The Tousled Wonder

of Alan Davies

Alan Davies (and his lovely hair)

Want to Hire Alan Davies?

After a way-too-long hiatus from stand up, Alan Davies is finally back! Rejoice, people, for we have been starved of this quick-witted, sarcastic, curly haired comedian! Book Alan Davies and prepare to gorge yourself on a veritable feast of hearty retro anecdotes (and try not to spit them back up laughing). No one else can dig up memories of ’70s Britain and make them sound so funny, absurd and dark. Yet Alan always quickly brings the audience up to speed and tells 21st century tales which we can all relate to: from the perils of parenting; to the absurdity of social etiquette when eating out.

Alan Davies – a TV Favourite

Alan’s firmly established himself as part of our regular TV viewing: whether playing the fool on one of the longest running TV panel shows, ‘QI’, or as the hapless magician on, err, one of the longest running TV detective shows, ‘Jonathan Creek’. We simply can’t get enough of this likeable character.

Alan Davies – Award Magnet

Wherever Alan goes, awards seem to follow. ‘Jonathan Creek’ has won The RTS Award; National Television Award; Broadcasting Press Guild Award and, to top it off, a BAFTA . ‘QI’ has won the British Comedy Guide Award; RTS award; Televisual Bulldog Award and, again, to top it off, the National Television Awards. And it’s not only the shows that he’s on which have won fancy prizes. Alan himself, won the prestigious Time Out Award for Best Comic, so book this guy if you want an award-winning night, because you’re guaranteed to get one!

3 Things QI Got Wrong…

1. The show claimed that the longest animal in the world was the lion’s mane jellyfish, but it’s actually the bootlace worm, which can grow up to 55 metres (180 ft) long. Who knew, eh?
2. QI once claimed that the Welsh language has no word for blue. In fact it is glas.
3. The language spoken by children’s TV characters Bill and Ben was called “Flobbadob” and was named after the sound that the creator’s younger brothers gave to their bath farts. However, this turned out to be utterly untrue.

What people say about Alan Davies

“Accomplished and very funny”
“Very funny”
The Guardian

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