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"Comedy gold…going to be a star" The Scotsman

Charmingly Laddish

Storytelling Father

The Forever Down To Earth- Andrew Bird

Want to Hire Andrew Bird?

Andrew Bird is probably Northamptons finest export, well, him and Tim Minchin. Andrew was known in Northampton as the underage drinker who tried to make the older men laugh, before moving to London and trying his hand at Stand Up itself. Eventually, after years of hard work around the circuit he established himself and did many Edinburgh shows, whilst he also wrote on various TV shows. Andrew Has gone on to perform all over the world including places like Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia.

Inspirationally motivated…

Andrew got his inspiration for comedy at the tender age of eight when he was watching comic relief with his brother at 2 in the morning. He was allowed to stay up that night because it was for charity and The Young One’s was on the box, he knew from that moment he wanted to try and be funny in some way. After seeing Billy Connolly and Lee Evans perform live it all made sense to him after that.

The Birdy Style

Bird’s an amicable ‘bloke down the pub’ chatting stand up, with very entertaining stories about childhood or bizarre pub fights, his observational comedy makes an audience chip in and get involved with the smiley, affable, neighbourhood watchman. In his own words he states, the pressure of getting married, buying a car, a house, and having two children during the recession fuels his slightly moaning stressed sense of humour. He describes himself as, ‘alright’.

“Superb… the exciting rising star”Time Out

“A natural comedian”The Stage

“Effortlessly engaging and funny as hell”Rhod Gilbert

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