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Hire Awards Hosts

Comedians don’t just make good award hosts; they make the ultimate awards hosts. It’s second nature to them. Every major event under the sun is hosted by one: Ellen Degeneres hosted the Oscars; Ricky Gervais, the Golden Globes; Neil Patrick Harris, the Emmys and Stephen Fry did the Baftas. You can see why… they’re used to standing up in front of a crowd and entertaining, in fact, that’s where they feel most at home.

Comedians as Awards Hosts

But (I hear you ask) WHY are they this good? It’s all to do with their obsession with the human condition. They watch, study and discover why we do what we do. They’re like aliens conducting experiments or a clingy ex, but with a sense of humour. Because they have such a wealth of knowledge, they know exactly how to tickle the audience’s funny bone and how to keep everyone entertained. This nifty know-how is also what makes comedians great at understanding what the awarding clients are about, what they want to achieve and how it can be delivered by the comic host.

The Power of The Crowd

Comedians love their audience to laugh with them; to come on board and be part of the comic journey. They’re a risk taking breed and enjoy cajoling an audience member to join them in their mischievousness. The audience is involved in the show and is part of this exciting, electric conversation. Comic hosts are REALLY different from your bog standard expert/actress/ex MP because they are inclusive, much more fun and everyone has such a good time.

Long lasting Comedy Magic

Something else that’s a bit special about these mavericks is what we call ‘the after-effect’. This is the lasting effect a comedian leaves on his/her audience. As Johnny Vegas says “Comedy’s like a campfire. Come and be warmed.” Those campfire embers burn for a long time afterwards and leave the audience feeling more cohesive, reinvigorated and most importantly, happy. And it doesn’t stop there. Afterwards, expect reminiscent quotes to be bandied around the office and colleagues pestering you about when the next awards night will be.

Comedians know how to make a buzz, a headline, a viral sensation … so why not inject some excitement into your awards ceremony?

Go on, we’re waiting…



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