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Hailing from the wonderful land of Oz, Brendon Burns is a cult stand up comedian who pretty much mostly performs in the UK. His rather boisterous stage presence yet conservational material makes him an ideal mix for a wider audience to indulge in. In 2013 Brendon went on tour with ‘Brendon Burns hasn’t heard of you either’ after being diagnosed of having partial hearing. Brendon is also a huge fan of professional wrestling, and in 2013 took WWE legend Mick Foley on tour with him in Australia.

Brendon On The Box

Brendon briefly hosted the 11 O’Clock Show and even more briefly the ITV2 spin-off show I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here Now!, walking off after just three shows. He started out his career with the likes of Sacha Baron Cohen and Ricky Gervais. However his live stand up shows are where he has forged a reputation, after 6 DVD’s of live shows and performing at the Montreal and South African comedy festivals its hard not to see why.

Did you know?

Brendon spent some time in rehab at the priory, after his trilogy of shows, Burnsy versus Brendon, which ran at Edinburgh in 2004, 2005, and 2006, the show examined his own life- culminating in his mental breakdown and drink and drug abuse.

“Tricksy And Clever Standup”Festmag

“A Comedians’ Comedian”Chortle

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