Aunty Martin Answers: I’ve Forgotten How To Laugh

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Please Help Me Aunty Martin…

Dear Aunty Martin,

For the last few months I have been feeling strange, my mouth slopes down at the edges. I feel heavy. I get up late and shuffle about in my underpants.
My girlfriend has recently moved out, she wants the old me back. But her leaving has made me feel worse. I have tried watching humorous programmes on TV but they also just make my mouth turn down more. Sometimes I cry for no reason.
I just don’t know what to do, please help me!

Lots of Love,
Kevin, 27, Leeds.

Aunty Martin Responds…

Dear Kevin,
I really hear you m’love. You sound in a right tight spot and then some. But to the trained medical eye, or in my case, eyes – the problem is easy to see.
You are depressed. You have fallen into a rut. And you need a jolly good laugh. Of course, you’ve tried TV to cheer yourself up, a lot of people do. But let me tell you your reaction to TV is quite normal, to be frank, there just isn’t a lot of good television on – at least not any that will help with your condition.

I’ve had a think and really the best option would be for you to put on a private comedy show with some of the UK’s finest comedians. You could invite your girlfriend and laugh your way back into her heart. This comedy show will help with your mouth, it will make it curl up at the edges, you may find yourself making splutters, also known as laughing. This will help immensely with your difficult condition. You will find you’ll begin to sleep better and decide to get dressed upon waking.

But Kevin, I know what you’re thinking! How do you arrange such a comedy show? Where does one begin? Easy. I’ve put the details below for you. Just click on the links, it’s easy!

How To Hire Comedians or Put on A Comedy Show

For the ultimate in cheering up all you need to do is put on a Private Comedy Show or Hire Comedians to ensure all the blues are banished for a good long time.

You may want to consider doing this every three months, as a preventative measure to keep your ‘happy juices’ flowing.

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