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"One of the finest phrasemakers in comedy smuggles out the less bigoted frustrations of middle England beneath a cloak of rumpled Irish charm" The Guardian

Deadpan, Sardonic

And Quite Surreal

The Casually Brilliant Dylan Moran

Want to Hire Dylan Moran?

If you consider yourself to be sharp, cynical and politically active, hire Dylan. Dylan’s rather poetic ramblings adds much needed levity to politics. Dylan doesn’t just proclaim political statements, he inspires them in his pissed and brilliant way… He is intelligent stand up at it’s best! Dylan’s style is beyond relaxed, you’ll see him wonder on stage, often with a beverage (note that he rarely takes a sip of it) with that slightly slurred speech and ruffled hair, and he’ll talk with you like the funniest guy down the pub. His topics range from funny political discourse to observational stuff. Expect roaring laughter, whoops from the crowd and massive applause because, frankly, your bar should be set high with such an infamous jester.

Dylan Moran – The best comic in the world

Dylan ranks at an incredibly respectable 14th place in Channel 4’s Greatest Stand-Ups and it’s no wonder why. He was also the youngest person to win the So You Think Your Funny Award at the tender age of 21 and the youngest ever winner of the Perrier Comedy Award at just 24! Dylans droll delivery makes the comedic god of phrases’ punchlines ten times punchier. Dylan is also the proud owner of not one, but two BAFTA Awards for Black Books – that notorious dark comedy

3 facts you didn’t know about Dylan Moran

1. Dylan is originally from Navan, a tiny town with only a few thousand residents. However, size clearly ain’t everything, as it has spawned two other world-class entertainers; Tommy Tiernan and Pierce Brosnan a.k.a Bond, James Bond.
2. Moran became progressively funnier between the years of 2007 and 2010. “The statistical analysis used to reach this conclusion is Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Stand-Up polls: during that period, he leapt from number 17 to 14.” If he continues at that mercurial rate, he’ll be the funniest comic who ever lived by 2023.
3. When Christopher Eccleston announced he was quitting as Doctor Who, an online petition was launched to have Moran take over from him. Unfortunately, it didn’t work…

3 facts you didn’t know about Dylan Moran

“Deliriously offbeat and funny discourse”
The Telegraph

“Casual brilliance”

“Tantalising… This is intelligent stand up”
The Guardian

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