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"Effortlessly funny with an affability that other comics can only dream of – You have to go and see Glenn Wool" The Guardian

Sharp, Intelligent, Shaggy-Haired

Cleverley Subversive Comedian

The Comical Canadian Glenn Wool

Want to Hire Glenn Wool?

What links an ill-fated flight involving a slipped disc; a Buddhist monk; an Alzheimer’s-ridden grandfather; and some elderly Jews from New Jersey? Oh, that’ll be Glenn, then. He’s an international star, well known for his deranged real-life stories which build up to gargantuan punchlines. Glenn paints the world in a mysterious and unexpected light, leading you to believe that anything that could happen, has happened, to him…in public. It’s these crazy-lady wild and hilarious stories that make him the gem that he is in a world of one-liner comedians. And Glenn certainly isn’t ‘every-day’. Book Glenn Wool and you’ll get something really different: gripping stories, punchy delivery and a flourish of theatricality.

Glenn Wool and his ‘Woolaholics’

Benedict Cumberbatch has his Cumberbitches; Justin Bieber has the Beliebers and Glenn Wool has the Woolaholics. Glenn’s cult followers, sadly, don’t wear deerstalker hats, nor are they on the brink of suicide when their leader announces a delay in the release of his single. No, instead they laugh, A LOT. The Woolaholics cult has grown massively in size since Glenn’s notched up TV roles more quickly than you can say ‘Bespoke Comedy’. Glenn’s been on Russell Howards Good News, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, The BBC Stand Up Show and The World Stands Up to name but a few. He’s a regular on ITV’s Comedy Cuts, Comedy Central’s Alternative Comedy Experience and wrote the critically acclaimed Channel 4’s ‘What’s The Story?’

Something You Definitely Did Not Know About Glenn Wool

Glenn’s on tour and guess who’s supporting him? Frankie Boyle. Yup, I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that this guy’s really good when the stadium-sell-out is his support act.

What People Say about Glenn Wool

“Effortlessly funny with an affability that other comics can only dream of – You have to go and see Glenn Wool. ”
The Guardian

‘Edgy, imaginative, funny and original, Canadian born Wool sets the standards at the fringe’
Daily Telegraph

‘If Like me, you believe that nobody could be much funnier than a cross between Jack Black and Meat Loaf, then you’ll be pleased to learn that such a man exists’
The Independent on Sunday


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