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Want to Hire Jimmy Carr?

Jimmy Carr cares. Yes, you heard it here first. OK, so he’s not about to open a hostel for disenfranchised donkeys – but this man cares very deeply about his craft. He hones, tweaks and polishes every single joke to sheer comedy perfection. Book Jimmy Carr and you’re getting a comedian with a meticulous attention to detail and a speed of thought which is unrivalled in the current comedy world.

‘But what about the baby in the blender…?’
Jimmy Carr makes no bones about the fact that some of his jokes will offend, but he says that he simply wants to make people laugh in the same way as when he was a teenager, mucking about with his mates. In Jimmy’s words: ‘The idea was that you would think of things that were unsayable, but it was among friends so everyone knew it was a joke, and it was fine. If you can do the same thing on stage, I think you become friends with the audience, because you create that sort of bond. You make a joke, and people think, ‘I know he’s only joking, and I get it’, and you’re ‘in’.’

Jimmy Carr – The Grafter

Although Jimmy’s profile is more as a television personality (8 out of 10 Cats, Big Fat Quiz of the Year, 10 O’Clock Live, etc.), he continues to be an extremely busy stand-up comedian. Ever since his first live show, Bare Faced Ambition, gained him a Perrier Nomination in 2002, he’s been pretty much permanently on tour, selling out venues everywhere he goes. Either Jimmy works really, really, really hard, or he’s got some sort of robot clone. Perhaps we’ll be watching 8 out of 10 Cats one night and one of his plastic eyes will drop out and roll to the floor, or Sean Lock will open his back with a screwdriver to replace his batteries.

Actually, that’s not as mad as it sounds…
In 2007, Jimmy Carr became the first comedian to perform in cyberspace – using animatronic technology to replicate the exact experience of seeing him live. It took place within the virtual reality community of Second Life, and gained him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

What people say about Jimmy Carr
‘King of the comedy fringe.’ – Telegraph
‘A masterclass in stand up comedy.’ – The Guardian
‘Master of the dramatic…pause.’ – Daily Express
‘You’ll ache for more.’ – The List

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