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"The audience, upon first sight of the long locked scouser, goes wild, and that's probably the right reaction. It's a great set. Hilarious." Manchester Evening News

The Genuinely Nice And Funny

Charitable Scouser

The Extraordinary Rise Of: John Bishop

Want to Hire John Bishop?

John Bishop has gone from non-league footballer to famous comedian in what seems an almost instantaneous transition. The first time Bishop performed stand-up comedy was in Manchester in October 2000, and the following year he made it to the final of ALL the major new act competitions, including So You Think You’re Funny, the Daily Telegraph Open Mic Awards, the BBC New Comedy Awards and the City Life North West Comedian Of The Year.

A Genuinely Good Guy

John Bishop, a genuinely good guy, makes an audience succumb to his blokey charms that is underpinned by an attractive emotional frankness. His good nature and sense of his own absurdity, alongside the calm authority of his storytelling, make Bishop difficult to dislike. He’s forever asserting the incongruity of his fame which always wins an audience over, especially with his strong Scouse accent that accompanies his punchlines.

Charitable Bishop

John Bishop has made appearances all over television and radio since has extraordinary rise to fame 5 years ago, having appeared in E4 teen hit; Skins, the Ken Loach film Route Irish and not forgetting his own shows, John Bishops Britain and John bishops Only Joking. Bishop Is also well known for his outstanding contribution to charitable causes and helped raise £3.4m for Sport Relief in 2012

“Bishop has funny bones”The Times

“A fabulously gifted comedian.”The Mirror


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