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For a boy born above a pub in Lancashire, Lee Mack has turned out alright. And his six months hard labour at Morcambe Pontin’s didn’t do him any harm either. Book Lee Mack and you get a comic who comfortably straddles old school and new – it’s as if he’s got an inner ‘Blackpool Bluecoat’ that’s struggling to get out. But he’s so much cleverer than that – this is the man that single-handedly invigorated the sitcom format with ‘Not Going Out’ with the fantastic Tim Vine and won numerous awards including the coveted Rose d’Or and RTS Award.

Lee Mack – A Man For All (Football) Seasons

Who else but Lee Mack could fill Nick Hancock’s shoes in the sports comedy panel show: They Think It’s All Over… then captain seven series of ‘Would I Lie To You’… oh, and did we mention there were FIVE series of Not Going Out…and the broadcaster wanted more but the cast wanted to move on.

So, Lee is ultra talented – you knew that already. And works damn hard – his TV output alone would put most comedians to shame and that’s before we get into his huge national sellout tours to theatres of over 4,000 people a pop.

Lee Mack and the future king of England

Then, of course, there was the banter with Prince William. William allegedly told Lee to ‘get some new jokes’ and Mack (a little worse for wear, by his own admission) replied ‘I don’t tell you how to be a future king’…

Anyway, our point, after all this praise is that Lee Mack works hard and is well rewarded. He’s mighty funny, been on just about every TV show going.

Lee Mack – Reviews

We’re pretty sure by now, if you didn’t already know – is a major major talent.
But if you needed any further enlightenment from Brian Logan at The Guardian who said:
If I wasn’t laughing so hard, I’d kick back and admire the craftsmanship.

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