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"One thing is for sure nobody does naughty better than Mark." The Daily Echo

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Mark Thomas And His Political Tricks

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You may already know of Mark from his Channel 4 show: The Mark Thomas Comedy Product or from being a regular columnist for The New Statesman. If not, I’ll get you up to speed. Mark is clever, witty and fiercely politically active! The skinny even describes him as “downright heroic…Who works for the forces of good”. In Fact, he’s even done some super undercover work about the arms trade, which was filmed, turned into a book and made a Newsnight special report. But Mark knows it’s also the little things that count. Recently, he completed committing 100 acts of minor descent in a year, the forfeit by the way was paying £1000 to UKIP, a motivator if ever you needed one… And actually, it’s been quite a success! So far, Marks got three court actions going on – one challenging the police categorisation of journalists as “domestic extremists”, one appealing Camden council’s busking legislation, and another against Hyde Park charging for sporting activities. Not bad.

The act that got Mark most into trouble

“I reckon some of the acts still have the potential to get us into trouble. I stuck a banner up on a Ukip billboard, saying ‘Have you tried hating foreigners, we think you’ll like it’, so it looks like it’s part of Ukip’s message, and police are investigating it as a hate crime. I mean, technically, semantically, maybe it is.”

3 facts you didn’t know about Mark Thomas

1. A decade has past since Mark got in a whole heap of trouble for putting a bounty of £4320 on the head of George W Bush. However, this brought more good than bad, because soon afterwards he was presented with the Kurdish National Congress Medal of Honour.
2. Mark says he was an atheist at the age of eight, an anarchist at 15, and a Trotskyite at 19. These days, he reckons he’s an ‘angry and confused liberal’.
3. “Piers Morgan is the only person I would invite to his dream dinner party. I would also like to be remembered as the man who poisoned Piers Morgan.” We salute you Mark!

What people say about Mark Thomas

“Strong sense of the ridiculous and a welcome degree of self-irony”
The Telegraph

“At his funniest and most inspiring”
The Guardian

“Spirit of playful anarchy”

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