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Want to Hire Mike Gunn?

There’s a real depth to Mike Gunn because he’s had a real deep life. Really. A former professional drug addict (his words, not ours) and photocopier salesman (and yes, we think the two had their crossover days). Mike Gunn turned to comedy and found salvation.

Initially as a character act, playing the part of an undertaker and supporting the likes of the best of the British comedy scene at the time – Jo Brand and Alan Davies.

Mike Gunn then removed his undertaker’s garb and became more, more Mike. He still supports major talent on tours – this Autumn he joins Lee Mack on the road for about a squillion dates across the UK.

Mike Gunn – Completely Professional

Given his colourful life you can rest assured that there’s not a lot in this world that can throw Mike. And that’s why he’s one of the most popular comedians for private and corporate shows. I know these words are overused, but the man is truly adaptable and dynamic. We’ve seen it hundreds of times, and he has to be seen to be believed. It’s these skills that led The Independent to conclude that Mike Gunn was one of the Top Ten Comedians in the Country.

Oh, and his deadpan demeanour (perhaps a little less deadpan as he’s gotten older and become a parent) is actually a joy to be around.

Before You Book Mike Gunn know this…

Mike created a show about his drug addiction years and toured around the UK with it, helping schoolkids understand the perils of drugs…in a fun way.
Even more recently he’s toured as a double act (I know, we were surprised too) with Canadian Sean Collins. Oh, and he’s a dab hand at poker, so please, no bluffing.