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"Brilliant political observations…reassuringly intelligent and very funny" The Guardian

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The Most Intelligent Comedian: Paul Sinha

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Paul Sinha’s thoughtful and political, and knows how to get his audience to listen. A professional ‘quizzer’ – oh, yes, they do exist – he’s appeared on numerous shows (like Eggheads and Mastermind) and is the ultimate quiz master. We think he’d be very much at home hosting ‘Have I Got News for You’ – he’s well-read, intelligent (he used to be a Doctor, you know), and very quick witted. But he’s not snooty – what makes Paul so great is that he manages to be effacing about his own intellectual and emotional shortcomings. (Although he’d probably quite like you to know that he’s ranked 28th in the World Quizzing Championships). Book Paul Sinha and you’re getting a very interesting, topical, self-assured, funny, charming, Asian, gay, ex-doctor. How many more boxes could you possibly tick?!

Paul Sinha – A Rising Star

It has been a very busy time for Paul Sinha, touring the UK and completing his second Radio 4 series. Paul Sinha’s ‘History Revision’ will be broadcast at 1830 on 26th November and will run for four weeks.
In the new year, Paul is recording another show for Radio 4, commemorating the 600th anniversary of Magna Carta. Paul’s also made various guest appearances ranging from ‘The Last Leg’ to ‘Just A Minute’. And his material continues to go from strength to strength – it’s no wonder he won Best Club Comic at the 2014 Chortle Awards!

What People Say About Paul Sinha

“Brilliant political observations…reassuringly intelligent and very funny”
The Guardian

“Truly Wonderful”
The Scotsman

“Opinionated, witty and smart”

3 weird facts about Paul

1. He 99.99999% probably is the only asian-gay-doctor-turned-comedian in Britain (maybe the world…?)

2. Psy, the South Korean rap superstar, is his doppelganger

3. Paul is one of only 11 professional quizzers in Britain. The Others being the EggHeads team.

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