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"Ricky Grover is quite literally and in more ways than one, one of the biggest names in modern British comedy." The Comedy Club

The Intimidatingly Funny Ex Boxer

With An Armoury Of Accents

Club Owner And Heavyweight Comedian: Ricky Grover

Want To Hire Ricky Grover?

You’re probably most aware of Ricky Grover these days as the love interest of Heather Trott in the BBC soap Eastenders, or maybe you caught him in the cult BBC classic ‘Getting On’? What may surprise you is that our squat, Eastend friend is also a damn fine comedian. A powerful stage presence, Ricky plays to his strengths, acting like an aggressive ex-boxer and talking about being ‘heavy No 3’ in some Guy Ritchie Gangster movie – but don’t be deceived, there’s so much more to him than that…

He Does ‘Surreal’ Too

Book Ricky Grover and you’re getting a brilliant performer – he happily dips out of his tough-guy persona and launches into some midget-based surrealism, and cleverly anticipates criticism that may be thrown at him by adopting a conniving posh accent, to provide a commentary of how an educated critic might receive his act. He has a way about him that can manipulate an audience and when used with his strong gag-heavy material, he is very impressive indeed.

Ricky Grover: The Actor

His father was an armed robber and his mum a hairdresser, yet Grover has excelled in film and TV. His 1996 film Punch won the Silver Bear award at the Berlin International Film Festival, and he has appeared in numerous TV shows such as Red Dwarf, The 11 0’Clock Show and Black Books. In 2000 he won the Best Actor award at the Brest European Short Film Festival for his performance in Hungry. Well worth watching if you haven’t seen it.

“He has won us over with laughs, so we’re happy!”
The Guardian

“Ricky Grover’s talent as an actor, comedian and writer is second to none and has been recognised all over the world.”
The Comedy Club


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