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"A highly imaginative stand-up who's fantastically well read, with a true love of the myriad minor beauties of the English language." Radio Times

The Halloween-Haired, Sachsgate-Enacting,

Estuary-Whining, Glitter-Lacquered, Veggie Meditator

Mr Scandalous Himself; Russell Brand

Want to Hire Russell Brand?

Russell Brand… Want a ‘quite interesting’ stand-up? Keep looking, because this guy’s spectacular.

Where to begin? Addiction? Political activism? That weird Beatles’ song he sang at the Olympic ceremony – yeh, seriously, what was that about?! There’s a lot to say about Russell and he’s got a lot to say to you. The topic he’s banging on about at the moment is revolution (but not through the ballot box). Not so long ago he went to Parliament dressed as a pimp (his words not mine) to talk to MPs about changing the judicial system. So he’s really serious. Genuinely. Newsnight’s Paxman v Brand political revolution Youtube video has reached almost 10 million views. Basically, if you tell people, “Oh, I saw Russell Brand”, everyone has an opinion.

The Second Coming?

Russell is causing a stir in, er, just about everything. Well, mainly because he’s comparing himself to Jesus, hence the name of his worldwide tour, The Messiah Complex. And it doesn’t stop there. He also thinks there are some definite parallels between him and Malcolm X, Che Guevara and Gandhi. It’s all tongue in cheek of course… So he’s a bit controversial, a bit edgy. If you’re looking for someone unpredictable, someone forward-thinking, a maverick; you’ve got it and some because Russell forces you to question the norm while laughing. A real feat.

What People Say about Russell Brand

“It’s great to see arena- level stand up that asks us to think as well as laugh – but which nevertheless keeps the laughs front and centre.” The Messiah Complex, The Guardian.

“He’s still a cut above the rest and yes, he pulls off the near miraculous: we laugh, we think, we think as we laugh.” The Telegraph.

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