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It’s hard to imagine a time when comedian Sean Lock hasn’t been a household name, but when we first saw him, many years ago, we felt like we’d discovered our own secret bit of treasure. He was just an ordinary bloke, pretty much straight off the building site, who was warm and friendly, but with a deliciously surreal twist. A bit like your best friend’s Dad, except he was FUNNY (and he didn’t talk about pipe benders or tell you off for drinking his beer).

Sean Lock – a solid track record
Back in the early 90’s Sean Lock was booked to support David Baddiel and Rob Newman, and, as a result, became one of the first comedians to perform at Wembley Arena. A lesser man might have said, ‘Hey, I’ve done Wembley, surely that’s enough?’ But not Sean, he continued working hard – script-editing for Bill Bailey, creating his own radio 4 series and performing on the comedy circuit. His big breakthrough came in 2000, when his solo show, ‘No Flatley, I Am The Lord Of The Dance’ was nominated for the prestigious Perrier Award. That year he also received a British Comedy Award for Best Stand Up.

Sean Lock – star of the small screen

In spring 2006, Sean hosted his own entertainment show on Channel 4 called TV Heaven, Telly Hell. He has also appeared on many popular TV panel shows including Have I Got News for You, QI and They Think It’s All Over, and in 2011 he took over from John Sergeant as host of Argumental – shown on Dave. In fact, he’s on the telly so often (we haven’t even mentioned 8 out of 10 Cats, or Live at the Apollo), that he’s hard to avoid. But in a nice way. Obviously.

What Sean Locksays about himself

At the beginning of his career as a stand-up comedian, Sean Lock was heavily influenced by Eddie Izzard and Frank Skinner. Now he’s older, he says he’s less concerned about the kind of image he wants to put across. He says: ‘I just do what I want to do and it seems to work.’ He’s not particularly interested in ranting about ‘issues’, saying: ‘I’ll always sacrifice a good point if it doesn’t get a laugh.’

What do people say about Sean Lock?

‘He is the best offhand absurdist in town.’ – The Guardian
‘The funniest man in London’ – Evening Standard
‘Punchy, inventive, superb’ – The Times
‘Criminally funny’– Scotland On Sunday
‘One of the finest and most original comedians around today’ – The Independent
‘There are moments when you think you can laugh no more – your tear ducts have run dry and your insides may take years to recover.’ – The Edinburgh Evening News

Sean Lock Factoids

Before going into comedy Lock drifted through a series of odd jobs including six weeks spent as a goatherd for a hippie in the mountains of central France.

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