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"One of the most reliably excellent comedians in Edinburgh. If anyone deserves a television series, Smith does" Independent On Sunday

A Class Act, In Both Senses Of The Word

The Archetypal Englishman

The Hugh Grant Of Stand Up- Will Smith

Want to Hire Will Smith?

Will starts most of his sets by saying he’s ‘terribly sorry’ to those poor punters who thought that they’d got an exclusive with the American action man star. Instead, you’ll be seeing the British version, the ‘Hugh Grant of comedy’: a man who’s slightly less confident and has an excruciatingly stiff upper lip. You’ll find Will Smith either in the philosophy section of a bookshop or buying woolly cardigans in M&S to keep himself warm (those large airy mansions can be rather chilly, you know). So he’s your ordinary privileged chap. Except he’s not… Think of yourself as a proud British institution with a twist? Well, you’re in good company.

Will Smith – In The Thick Of It

Will Smith has won the Chortle Best Headliner Award and Time Out Comedy Award. Not only that, he also supported Ricky Gervais and Johnny Vegas on their national tours, playing to hundreds of thousands of people! So he really is in the thick of the ever-evolving comedy scene…which brings us nicely to his key role in ‘The Thick Of It’ (linkage!) – everybody’s favourite political comedy show. Will was a member of the writing team for the acclaimed show and also acted in it too (doing a star turn as the bumbling toff, ‘Phil’ Smith).

What people say about Will Smith

‘Will Smith is the coolest guy in the world (if uncool is the new cool) – he’s also terrifically funny’ Harry Enfield

‘Faultless. Brilliant. Magnificent.”

“Smith’s material is gold…tear-jerkingly funny’

‘One of the most reliably excellent comedians’
Independent on Sunday

Which facts do you think are about the British Will Smith?

1. President Barack Obama has stated that he would like Smith to play him if there were ever a film about his life. President Obama has also acknowledged that the two have, in fact, discussed the possibility.

2. At age 13 Will Smith was already 6’ 2” tall. This is also his adult height.

3. Will Smith wrote a (partly autobiographical) book called ‘The Joy of No Sex’

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