Hiring Comedians and Private Comedy Shows – What, How and Why?

The stand up comedy scene in the UK has never been bigger and there has never been a better time to hire comedians to add laughs to your event or put on a whole comedy show. Whether you’re a business looking for some unusual corporate entertainment or need to add some humour to an awards ceremony; or you’re holding a private party and looking for a fresh way to entertain your friends and family you can rest assured that hiring comedians for your event will be discussed in glowing terms for months afterwards by all and sundry!

We Make Comedian Hire and Private Comedy Shows as easy as A-B-C!

Of course, it can be intimidating if you’ve never attempted to arrange something like this before but worry not – because Bespoke Comedy make the process straightforward and worry free.
Our superb knowledge of over 1500 comedians and our friendly, helpful expert staff mean we’ll find the perfect comedians for you!
We won’t play games with costs and we’ll do everything humanly possible to put you at ease so that you can enjoy the show too. Setting us to work is a breeze and we set everything out simply so there is no confusion.
We cater to everything from:

Hiring Comedians

We have a database of over 1500 comedians, with great relationships with the talent and management. This means you don’t end up paying ‘sticker price’ for the talent and the talent trusts that we will do the groundwork to ensure the event is setup properly meaning everyone has a lot more fun and a lot less stress!
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Creating a full Comedy Show

At your own venue or one of our superb partner venues, with locations across the UK. We can supply a whole show, not just the comedians, but the staging, lighting, sound and, if necessary, door staff and ushers!
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Hire Comedians for Private Parties and Events

Whether you want to surprise a loved one at a special birthday celebration or anniversary we’ll work with you to ensure you get the most laughs for your money. And, of course, the show will be tailored and personalised.

Corporate Entertainment

We pride ourselves on our unique and unusual corporate entertainment. We’ll tailor the comedians performance to your crowd, product or brand and your audience will laugh themselves silly!

Wedding Comedians

We consider ourselves experts in arranging either single* comedians for weddings or full blown comedy shows for your wedding. Tailored to your crowd and the bride and groom!
*single as in one, not that the comedian is single. (Though they may be! Where did the bridesmaids go?)

Post Conference Comedians

Why not enjoy a superb comedy show after a long conference or training event? It’s much cheaper than you think!

Private Comedy Christmas Parties

Comedians to add More ‘HoHoHo’ to your Christmas Party, a superb range of packages. Whether you want to hire one comedian or enjoy a full Christmas Comedy Show – we can arrange at a venue of your choice.
Imagine you were all thinking of visiting a comedy club? Great. But how special will it be, for pretty much the same price (based on an audience of 60 or more) we can put on a private comedy show tailored and personalised for you? With information you provide about the audience, the business, everyone has got a story – we let you send those stories in before the show and then we weave them in. Extra special, extra funny, extra memorable!

…in fact we can add laughs to just about anything (within reason!)

And it’s…

Cheaper than you think

For a lot of companies or individuals comedian hire isn’t even on their radar. Perhaps due to price. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s a lot cheaper than you think! In fact, it’s comparable to hiring a band or any other live entertainment and, the way we do it, far far more memorable… which brings us to…

Not just the same old entertainment!
Private Comedy Show = Happy times = Happy people = Better morale!

We’ve all been there; another event, another samey old section of entertainment. Hiring comedians changes the game for the better, they will engage your audience and energise the room and because we’ve worked with you to personalise the performances beforehand there are some side splitting surprises in store for the crowd! This makes your event a talking point, not just something everybody had to endure.

Basically, we want to entertain you! We know that if you decide on comedy as an option for your next private or corporate entertainment event that we will exceed your expectations. Even if you’ve never thought to hire comedians for an event before, we’re here to tell you that it will be the easiest and best decision you made (since visiting this page!)

And don’t just take our word for it – check out our glowing reviews and testimonials.

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