Hiring Comedians – The Benefits

hiring comedians

Hiring Comedians – Will It Make You Live Longer?!

Laughing is enjoyable, I think we’re all agreed.
But in the last thirty years more scientific research has been made to show that there are great physiological benefits to laughing for your general well-being and health.

So, what are these effects and what can you do to get more of them?

Laughter… The Best Medicine?

When you get stressed the body releases all sorts of stress hormones, epinephrine, dopamine and cortisol. After continued stress and therefore exposure to these chemicals you can end up feeling downright grumpy and crusty. Here’s the good news, laughing reduces the level of these hormones and also encourages the body to release more happy chemical goodies in the form of endorphins.

It doesn’t end there though. When you laugh your body increases production of antibody-producing cells as well as enhancing the efficiency of the cells that fight off infection (known as T Cells).
Enjoying the performance of a comedian is not just an escape it’s a veritable cascade of feel good chemicals!

Laugh and the World Laughs With You!

We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with laughing on your own, but laughter in a group is more fun and contagious. You laugh, they laugh more, you laugh more. Everyone wins!

Who Needs The Gym?

Did you know that laughing one hundred times is the equivalent to ten minutes rowing on a machine? Yep, cancel that gym membership and hire a comedian!

Get Some Perspective

It’s difficult to think of anything else when you’re laughing, thusly your mind is drawn away from the stresses of the day, or any negative emotions you may be feeling. Once you’ve been pulled out of those potentially gloomy places and had a good laugh it’s much easier to get some perspective on those issues and return to them with a lighter heart.

Where’s Your Sense of Humour?

One study found that children laugh up to 400 times a day, once we grow up this drops to under twenty times a day. Oh dear!

Hiring Comedians – Is It Better Than Chocolate?

This is a great fact from The British Dental Health Foundation no less. Apparently when you smile it generates the same level of stimulation as eating two thousand chocolate bars!

Live Longer, Be Happier, Hire Comedians!

Maybe you don’t enjoy as much laughter as you should.
We believe everybody should laugh out loud at least forty times a day. Maybe you are confused about laughing, or your friends just aren’t that funny.

Do not panic! WE CAN HELP!

At Bespoke Comedy we consider ourselves experts (not quite doctors) in laughter and we can work with you to bring the laughter back into your life.
You may only need to hire a comedian to remedy the situation.
Or maybe it’s more serious and the only cure would be a full blown hilarious Comedy Show? Why not arrange a arrange a call back or email us for a free (non medical) consultation!

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