Personalised Panel Show


We work with you to create a fully personalised quiz show, think of it as ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ but with personalised questions – using information you provide: images, video, your favourite music, films, art work… you name it and we incorporate it!
With teams made up of friends, relatives and guest comedians are on the panels, plus a celebrity host and the rest of your pals in the audience.

This concept is unique and exclusive to Bespoke Comedy, it’s a whole lot of fun for everyone.

It began when we ran something similar as a favour for a friend’s fortieth and from there word spread!
Treasure it forever, have our team film and edit the event.


Wedding Anniversary  We work with the main couple and close friends to source as much info, pictures and video as possible and turn this into a selection of questions. The scope of the questions, although personalised, will still allow your friends to be fully involved and enjoy the experience.

30th Birthday  We work with you, your friends and relatives to find the best, funniest stories and information. You may want to give us access to your social networks… As above we’ll gather all sorts of fun stuff: info, pictures, video, music and people – we can use pretty much anything to incorporate into the show. Here’s some more food for thought…we can go back to old schools, interview teachers and have Q&As played on the big screen! You can decide how far we go and how interesting it gets.

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How It Works…

We meet and ascertain the basics, where and when? If you need a venue we have extensive knowledge and experience of running shows across the UK. We discuss the guest comics for each team and here’s where the fun really begins.

If you’re a couple we will talk to you separately and you will provide us with as much information and as many multimedia bits and bobs as possible. We can digitise content and incorporate this into the show. You will nominate close friends and we will interview them separately to further finesse the show. It works best when no one divulges what has been discussed with us. No conferring!

This way no one, aside from us, will know the full content and depth of the show until we begin! Expect the unexpected. Special guests, ‘What Happened Next?’, ‘School Daze’, ‘Kick up The Eighties’… there are no limits to what we can do and where we can go and because you’ve got comedians on each team and a professional host, everything will tick along in a hilarious fashion!

Obviously this all takes some time, we need a minimum of two weeks to prepare and plan but we’ll all be well rewarded for our efforts! We’ll go as far as to say this is our absolute favourite thing to arrange and once you’re part of it – it will be yours too!

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One Liners…

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