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* John Bishop is our surprise guest on Bespoke Comedy's National RAF Tour - Funny Fokkers *


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Hire A Comedian Professionally
WHATEVER you need to hire a comedian for – We Can Help! Whether it’s a selection of major TV comedians for a large corporate event, or just one comedian to lighten up the end of a conference we’ll find the perfect comedian for you!

UK’s Largest Selection of Comic Talent

With over 2,000 comedians at our fingertips you’re just a click away from a successful event!
Coupled with our extensive knowledge and experience we’ll select the perfect comedians for you.
Corporate, private or public – we’ll be with you every step of the way.

More Than Just ‘Comedian Hire’…

You’ll benefit from our vast experience from comedy in every setting. And we do mean every:
Comedy in a moving car? Tick.
Comedy in a 2000 square metre gym for HRH Princess Anne? Tick.
Undercover comedy for parties? Tick.
A national comedy tour on military bases? Tick.

Comedians in Every Flavour and Style

Clean comedian for a wedding? No problem.
A bill of battle hardened comics for a blokey sales team? Easy.
An all female comedy show after a private dinner? Just say the word.
Wherever you are in the UK, we’re there with bells on. From up there in Kinloss to down there in St Mawgan – we’ve been there and done it. More than once!
Bottom line: You’re in the right place!

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Do you need a whole comedy show? Then Click Here!

The Professional Comedy Service

When you hire comedians, the results are immeasurably funnier and successful if some extra preparations are made. That’s what we do! We ensure your event and venue are setup with the best possible results in mind and in return everybody benefits.
It makes the whole process of hiring a comedian headache free! This, coupled with our superb relationships with both comedians and agents make us a winning combination.

Get a feel for who we are and what we do, spend a minute leafing through our Brochure.

benefit from our comedy expertise

Here’s how we work

  • We tend to all the details to ensure the comedian performs at their best
  • Your audience enjoy a hilarious performance because the comedian was in an optimum setting
  • The comedian, knowing we always set events up perfectly, is happy to work for less
  • Our superb relationships with comedians and agents means you won’t pay ‘sticker price’
  • Everyone wins! The comic has a great time, as does your audience and wallet.
  • The money you save can be spent on sherry, cake or shoes. Everybody lives happily ever after.
    True story.

What Happens Next?

We’ll get back to you as fast as we can! We’ll discuss your requirements, the venue, the occasion and if possible we’d love to meet with you and, ideally, see the performance space – we understand that isn’t always possible, and we always have a number of other offsite means to optimise the space to ensure everything runs perfectly.

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One Liners…

Always borrow money from a pessimist. He won't expect it back.


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