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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome! This area just became too big to sit under this site so we’ve had to move it to a proper home of its own. Ladies and gentlemen please click onto bootfist to enter the new world. You’ll see some fresh examples of our recent collaborations with some major companies there.

We have our fingers in all sorts of projects and if you’re a business with an open mind to trying new things then let’s meet up and we’ll discuss some really exciting ways that comedy and comics can liven and laughen up a business.
And yes, we just said ‘laughen’.
We know you’ll be excited and surprised about our inventive approach, so go ahead, get in touch and let’s do this.

As a taster why not read our tongue in cheek guide: ‘Ladybug Book on Advertising’ to whet your appetites?

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