Unusual Christmas Party Ideas

Unusual Christmas Entertainment Ideas

Unusual & Unique Christmas Party Entertainment

If you’ve had enough of the same ol’ same ol’ as far as Christmas Entertainment goes then we’ve got a rather wonderful and fresh idea.
A Comedy Show. Yes, you say, been there done that. So far, so what right?
But it’s not just any Comedy Show – it’s a Fully Personalised Show about your company, colleagues, friends or family.
You set the limits and supply the information and we weave it into a superb and hilarious night of comedy entertainment.

Great Corporate Christmas Party Idea!

Rather than just go to a standard comedy club why not make the show your own?
Make this Christmas more than just merry!
Have your very own Bespoke Comedy Christmas Show with added “Ho! Ho! Ho!”
Don’t settle for something average this year, do something that you’ll all be laughing and talking about until next Summer!

Personalised Christmas Party Entertainment

If you’ve ever been to a comedy club you’ll know that very often the funniest moments come from the comedians interactions with the crowd. It’s a wonderful experience, the comedy magic is suddenly much more special, you feel more included. So we’ve taken the essence of this and built it into a show. You’ll still enjoy some of the finest comedians in the country telling their jokes but their performance will be mixed with the information you supply therefore making a truly unique and unforgettable comedy experience!

Hire A Comedian This Christmas!

Why not give a comedian a home this Christmas? Add more laughs to your Christmas Party this year, and book a comedian… or two… or we can arrange a whole Christmas Show. Comedians aren’t just for the rest of the year, they’re for Christmas too!

Check out our Christmas Comedy Entertainment Pages for much more information!

One Liners…

Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.


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