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The foundation of our Bespoke Comedy service is an unparalleled attention to detail. We like to meet our clients face to face. Further, we like to see the spaces where the comics will be needed so that we can offer helpful advice on setup so everyone benefits from the event being arranged optimally.

Because we ensure every detail has been attended to beforehand the comedian trusts the gig will run smoothly. And if they have fun, you and everyone else does too. Everybody wins. Our homework and our bond of trust with the talent translates into savings for you.

Many companies try to cut corners, blindly sending comedians into uncharted territory but this makes things way more difficult than necessary. Our common sense approach, a little extra effort and a lot of care and attention pay big dividends for everyone, as you’ll soon find out.

And of course, we want you to use our services again and again, and spread the word. The only way to accomplish that is by providing a service that exceeds your expectations.
This, we will do!

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Who We Are

who we are

We’re a unique team with skills back stage, on stage, above it and beyond…More…

What We Do

Who Do What?

Our business is comedians and comedy and how it can make your life and business better…More…

What We Charge

What We Charge

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our prices, especially given the high class service you receive…More…

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