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Personalised Al Fresco Comedy

At Bespoke Comedy we have quite a reputation for making comedy work anywhere
It’s no humble brag. We’ve run shows in aircraft hangars, inside four seater cars, in a huge gymnasium for HRH Princess Anne as well as having our invaluable ‘Man In A Van That Can’ who visits our warehouse of comedy goodies and collects whatever is needed for you (and sets it up…and takes it down…and takes it home…. – in the trade this is called rig/derig)

So, bottom line, if you’ve got what you think is a bonkers idea for using comedy or comedians … chances are we’ve probably done it.
Surprise comedy show in someone’s lounge? Yup.
A personalised comedy song and hosting an event for 500 dinner ladies? Yeah.
An al fresco show in Covent Garden with tonnes of kit? Oh yes indeed.

We don’t want to go on (I mean we could, but we won’t), but hear this: you want funny, you want experience, you want to know everything will work together…. That’s us.

Thank you, you’ve been a great crowd. No, really.

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