I just need to sort this out ASAP!


All I know is that my boss just said “Maybe get some comedy.”


Can someone call me?

Can someone email me some details?

All I know is I don’t want to wade through screenfuls of comedians.


We are exploring comedy as an option, but either myself or my boss are unsure if it’s a good fit.

I just want a price list.

I know what type of event we have, but unsure what comedy entertainment is suitable.


The quickest way to help you is for us to have a swift 3 minute phone call to understand your requirements, as far as you know them. Once we have that info, we get to work for you and in less than an hour you’ll be the proud owner of a proposal of perfect options! Just arrange a callback by clicking here.

let us do the leg work!

It’s funny isn’t it? If you had a requirement to buy a laptop and visited a shop, it would be a poor show indeed if the shop owner said “Laptop eh, here are ALL THE LAPTOPS. Be lucky!” – we’ve never understood sites that basically list hundreds of little faces in boxes and just leave you to it. Don’t get us wrong, we have boxes with little faces in too, and you’re welcome to browse, but we like to think 1) We’ve categorised the talent by your requirement (rather than your budget) and 2) We basically recommend that you trust our experience in selecting the right comedians for you, based on our 25 years in the business.

Watching comedians can be a little like smelling perfumes, after about six they all start to blend together.

We like to think of ourselves as a nice helpful shop, like John Lewis, perhaps? Where we first ask about your requirements and then guide you to exactly the right selection of comedians… or laptops.

It takes just a 3 minute call to understand what you’re after, even if you’re not quite sure yourself. And the best bit is that within an hour of putting the phone down we will send you a proposal of awesome options (not too many, mind) that will make you all #happyface. True story.

Just arrange a callback by clicking here.


You just want a great big list of comedians and prices, right?

Ok, this answer is a little more complicated and is currently being written.

In the meantime, it takes just a 3 minute call for us to help you get where you want to go.

Arrange a callback by clicking here.

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