Hire Ed Byrne Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Ed Byrne Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Ed Byrne Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Ed Byrne Bespoke Comedy Entertainment

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If Ed Byrne hadn’t chosen a career in comedy, he could easily have spent all his days trimming bushes. Of course, we’re talking about Ed’s beginnings as a student of horticulture. (Hashtag wry grin). Yes, lovely, nerdy, Irish Ed gave up his gardening course at Strathclyde University when he discovered he had a natural talent for comedy. Twenty years on, he’s still consistently selling out shows the world over – they’re mad for him in Melbourne, crazy for him in Canada, nuts in New Zealand, barmy in, err, Bermuda… In short: he’s hugely popular. Everywhere.

Ed Byrne – not just a voice on the Carphone Warehouse Ad
You’ll probably recognise Ed’s voice from his work on the Carphone Warehouse Ads (he did it for eight years), but far more impressive is the fact that Ed was nominated for a prestigious Perrier Award in 1998, and had the biggest selling comedy show of the year at the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe with ‘Standing Up and Falling Down’. He has also appeared on the telly lots of times – highlights include: playing a teenager on a Christmas Father Ted episode; being a panelist on Mock the Week and Have I Got News For You; and getting a pie in the face from Robert Downey Jr. on The Graham Norton Show.

What people say about Ed Byrne
‘His wit won deafening cheers and feet stomping’ – The Guardian
‘Dazzling’ – The Sunday Times
‘He’ll make you smile, he’ll make you laugh, he’ll make you want to fall in love with him’ – The Stage

What Ed Byrne says about himself
Ed says he would love to go back and relive one amazing night at Camden Jongleurs in 1994. He reckons that if you were making a teen movie about a guy who dreamt of being a stand-up, it would be the final scene. Ed says: ‘I went on in the open spot so no one knew who I was. I absolutely tore it up. I came off the stage and they were all chanting: ‘We want Ed!’ Meanwhile the owner of the club was on the phone to the duty manager, asking how the open spot went. The duty manager just held up the phone to the crowd and said: ‘That’s how the open spot went!’ That was the last open spot I ever did.’

Ed Byrne – adventurer
Just like Bear Grylls, Ed Byrne loves to stomp about in the great outdoors – up hills, down dales and over babbling brooks (although, as far as we know, he’s never wrestled an alligator or drunk his own urine). What we do know, is that Ed is proud to be a ‘Munro Bagger’, a title earned by climbing every mountain in Scotland over 3,000 feet. He’s done 74 of them. Take that, Mr Grylls. And I bet you couldn’t tell a good joke, or look nice in a fairisle jumper.

Embrace middle age with Ed!
Ed has made no secret of his current status as a middle-aged man. In fact, he’s positively celebrating the milestone by naming his latest tour ‘Roaring Forties’. Come, let’s all join hands and join Ed with his cry: ‘I am in my Forties. HEAR ME ROAR!’

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Hire Ed Byrne Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Ed Byrne Bespoke Comedy Entertainment


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