Our work in comedy is rather broad, which keeps us on our toes.

If you’d rather see what we do than read about it then click below for a quick content reel.

A live PR campaign with Aisling Bea and Joel Dommett.

A short (BAFTA Nominated) film with Isy Suttie and Nick Helm.
A late-night series for Sky Sports with Norman Lovett, Bob Mills and Paul Tonkinson.
A bilingual advertising campaign for Diageo with Chris Washington, Nim Odedra and a handful of other hot relative newcomers.
Programming and logistics to ensure Jason Manford can work a crowd of 7,000 people at an Annual Kickoff.
A sitcom pilot with ‘Horrible Histories’ star, Martha Howe-Douglas and Sam Pamphilon.
Comedy content for digital platforms with everyone from Irishman Ed Byrne to Canadian Glenn Wool.
Also, a standup special for Glenn Wool.

You’re beginning to get the idea. We do a lot.

Oh, and a live tour brand activation for Wells & Young with John Bishop.
Hang on, and a series of comedy gigs in a car for Zipcar.
And a Comedian’s Boxing event with Rhod Gilbert.

Is this thing on? I’m here all week.

Oh, a comedy music video to celebrate Milton Keynes?

Anyway, some of all this is down below. Have fun.

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