Want To Hire Adam Bloom?

With his unique brand of boisterous charm, Adam Bloom’s got more energy and warmth than ten labradors, and is at least a million times more intelligent (you should see him with a Rubik’s Cube). When you hire Adam Bloom, you get a guy who can get your granny tittering away, whilst simultaneously keeping the ‘cool dudes’ in stitches. Is ‘cool’ still a cool word? Should that be ‘sic’? Thinking about it, ‘dudes’ is a bit 1992. Anyway…

Adam Bloom – consummate professional

Book Adam Bloom and you’re in safe hands – he’s a comedian with seven sell-out Edinburgh shows under his belt and has gone down a storm at loads of international comedy festivals. TV appearances include Mock the Week and Russell Howard’s Good News. He’s also a dab hand at corporate do’s. Amazingly skilled at fine-tuning his comedy to suit his audience, he often improvises around subjects that come up spontaneously. Oh, and did we mention that he’s probably one of the nicest blokes you’ll meet? Which counts for a lot these days. Manners cost you nothing. Thank you ever so much. I LOVE your top! Salmon pink is SO your colour.

What do people say about Adam Bloom?

Ricky Gervais says Adam Bloom has been one of his favourite comedians for ten years: ‘…Bloom not only has meticulous, brilliant lines, but also an intense and fragile honesty.’

The Independent describes him as being ‘…in the premier league of comedy,’ and The List says: ‘Bloom is perhaps the perfect comedian.’ He’s also a Time Out Award winner for best stand-up and has been hired to write for numerous TV and radio shows – including three series of ‘The Problem with Adam Bloom’ for BBC Radio 4.

Adam Bloom, In high demand

His colossal comedy brain is in high demand: more than 20 other comedians and personalities have asked him to write for them – but they probably don’t want you to know that. So let’s keep it between ourselves, yeah? Keep it buttoned. Under your hat. Up your sleeve. Round your ankles. Good. Glad we’ve got an understanding.

What Adam Bloom says about himself

Adam thinks that life is inherently funny. He says: ‘I just get ideas about stuff and work them into jokes. It doesn’t matter where you tell it, a funny joke is a funny joke.’ Couldn’t agree more.

Good enough to eat…
If we are making Adam Bloom into a delicious dessert (bear with us) it would be a lovely big banana split, with one ice-cream scoop of winning one-liners, another scoop of side-splitting anecdotes, and then a big banana of brilliant improvisation. Shoved in at a quirky angle. Tuck in!