Hire Bill Bailey Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Bill Bailey Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Bill Bailey Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Bill Bailey Bespoke Comedy Entertainment

Want to Hire Bill Bailey?

Bill Bailey on stage is a vision to behold – like a big cuddly songbird, he flits from one musical instrument to another, pecking at all sorts of comedy fruits, perhaps starting with a satsuma of ‘celebrity culture’, then moving on to a papaya of ‘politics’, before settling in to a mango of ‘modern life’. Is this analogy wearing thin? Basically, book Bill Bailey and you get a truly unique package: surreal, silly and fiercely intelligent.

Bill Bailey – top comedian, brilliant actor

Bill Bailey is the comedian to hire if you want guaranteed quality – and guaranteed bums on seats. His national and international shows (Dandelion Mind, Tinselworm, Bewilderness and Part Troll) have sold out huge venues, including O2 arenas. But let’s not forget his brilliant acting performances: he’s appeared in Dr Who, Skins and Spaced, and had a starring role in the cult series ‘Black Books’. Never mind his appearances on 11 series of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Too many ‘never minds’? Ooh, that leads us nicely on to his music. You know – Never Mind, Nirvana, here we are now, entertain us…

Bill Bailey The Amazing Musician!

In 2011 Bill headlined the Saturn Stage at the Sonisphere Festival, Knebworth, sharing a line-up that included Slayer, Motorhead, Biffy Clyro and Metallica. Bill found himself faced with the daunting prospect of performing in front of a huge crowd of metal-heads, and thinking there may be safety in numbers, he set about putting together a band. Bill was very fortunate to assemble a great bunch of musicians, especially as it turned out to be the biggest gig of his life to date with over 60,000 in the crowd. At the other end of the musical spectrum, he also made a programme called Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra with Anne Dudley and the BBC Concert Orchestra.

What people say about comedian Bill Bailey
‘His show is a consistently brilliant collage of musical parodies, anecdotes and off-the-wall surrealism.’ The Observer

What’s On Stage said of his Qualmpeddlar tour: ‘It is impossible to watch Bill Bailey and not find him funny. Indeed in the first few minutes of the show he managed to do absolutely nothing and have people in fits of laughter.’

The Scotsman: ‘…whenever he picks up an instrument – and the more obscure the better – Bailey’s puckish wit and dizzying virtuosity guarantees routines that other comics simply can’t match.”

Evening Standard: ‘inspired wit that is both daft and elegantly highbrow.’

Before You Book Bill Bailey know this…

Bill Bailey has perfect pitch. He said:
‘Perfect pitch … occurs entirely at random in about one in every 10,000 of us, and I’m one of them. From as early as I can remember, I was able to pick out the pitch of things, not just instruments but washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dentists’ drills.’

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Hire Bill Bailey Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Bill Bailey Bespoke Comedy Entertainment


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