Hire Jack Whitehall Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Jack Whitehall Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Jack Whitehall Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Jack Whitehall Bespoke Comedy Entertainment

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When comedian Jack Whitehall started out, touring the pubs of Manchester, he made a concerted effort to hide his poshness. Just imagine: a Jack Whitehall with dirty hair and scruffy jeans, delivering his lines with a gritty Liam Gallagher twang. Brings veritable shivers to the spine. Luckily, he soon realised that audiences preferred a comedian with a strong posh voice than no voice at all, so he decided to embrace his fancy ways (not a euphemism). Quick-witted, clever and surprisingly self-depricating – book Jack Whitehall and you’re guaranteed a jolly good show!

Jack Whitehall – still a pup!
Remarkably self-assured from the get-go, Jack Whitehall was winning prestigious awards within his first year as a stand-up. By the time he was 20 he was hosting ‘Big Brother’s Big Mouth’ on E4 and hasn’t been off our screens since. He’s a regular face on panel shows, such as ‘Have I Got News for You’, ‘8 out of 10 Cats’, and ‘A League of Their Own’, and was wonderful as JP on student sitcom ‘Fresh Meat’. He’s even written and starred in his very own sitcom: ‘Bad Education’, which got rave reviews. Meanwhile, he’s still finding time to put in some exceptional performances as a stand-up. Jack Whitehall has already achieved more in his short comedy career than other comedians who are three times his age. And he still only looks 19. How can this be? Perhaps he’s got a Tardis in his Billiard Room…

What people say about Jack Whitehall
‘He oozes charisma from the moment he walks onstage and delivers sure-fire punchlines time after time.’ – Time Out
‘Impressively slick…his continued ascent seems assured.’ – Chortle
‘Comedy royalty’ – Evening Standard

A popular guy – with friends in high places
A sure sign of Jack Whitehall’s popularity is that he won the People’s Choice award of King of Comedy twice (in 2012 and 2013) at the British Comedy Awards. And his latest stand-up tour has proved that he’s got more than enough fans to fill arenas, time and time again. He’s also got friends in high places: he went to school with the Middletons and was a fellow pupil of ‘Twilight’ saga star Robert Pattinson. (Jack often jokes about Pattinson taking all the best acting roles in the school plays.)

Before you book Jack Whitehall, know this…

In October 2013 Jack released his very first book Him & Me. Written with his father, Michael Whitehall, it’s an irreverent account of a unique relationship between a father and son and well worth a read. Oh, and Robert Pattison might want to watch his back: Jack recently landed a part in the record-breaking blockbuster movie ‘Frozen’. He played an animated troll priest named Gothi. He had two lines. Ahem… Anyway, what were we saying about Jack’s amazing success as a stand-up, writer, actor and presenter? Yeah, that’s right, Jack Whitehall’s a fan-bloody-tastic bloke and when it comes to comedy, he’s TOTES AMAZEBALLS!

Ok, enough, now you can book him!

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Hire Jack Whitehall Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Jack Whitehall Bespoke Comedy Entertainment


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