Hire Johnny Vegas Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Johnny Vegas Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Johnny Vegas Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Johnny Vegas Bespoke Comedy Entertainment

Want to Hire Johnny Vegas?

Michael Pennington was born in 1970 and was, apparently, a well-mannered, slightly porky guy who didn’t really enjoy school that much. Twentyfive years later, Michael gave birth, kicking and screaming, to Johnny Vegas – a raving loony. Johnny certainly knows how to work a crowd, he really does. His trademark angry drunken rants, saying the unsayable, are guaranteed to be received with side splitting laughter. He never fully plans what he’s going to speak about, so just sit back, and enjoy the spontaneous, surreal ride into Johnny Vegas’ mind. He’ll take you to places where you’d never thought you’d go. So book Johnny if you want your night to be more than funny… Unique. Every show with Johnny is different – he IS the unexpected.

Johnny holds a world record

Johnny Vegas is the only funny guy to have won the Edinburgh Festival Critics’ Award and to have been nominated for the Perrier/ Edinburgh Comedy Award on his first solo show. WOW, that really puts other comedians to shame. So it’s not just us raving on about how great he is, it’s a lot of other people too. And it doesn’t stop there… in total he’s won twelve awards (an unnecessary amount) ranging from the RTS Best Comedy Performance to GQ Comedian of the Year Award.

Johnny’s addicted to the spotlight

So you want to watch something funny? You look at the TV listings, turn on the tv and what do you get? Johnny’s fat face. He’s in everything now-a-days because he’s that good. Johnny Vegas has been on: Have I Got News For You; Benidorm; Ideal and most recently, Moone Boy starring Chris O’Dowd. He’s also directed Moving On for BBC 1; This Sporting Life for BBC Radio 4 and Ragged for Sky Arts, to name a few. Johnny’s also written his autobiography – Becoming Johnny Vegas. There’s simply no stopping this beer guzzling, stadium sell-out, 18 stone comedy superstar. So why not hire one of Britain’s, nay, the worlds best comedians?

One Fact you would never guess about Johnny

At the tender age of 11 Johnny was enrolled in a strict Roman Catholic school to train for priesthood. Yes, that’s right people, PRIESTHOOD. However, he left a few months later, but considered going back aged 24. His sermons would have been interesting if his comedy shows are anything to go by…

What people say about Johnny

“Very funny”
The Independent

“It’s obvious that Johnny Vegas must be a joke as soon as you hear the name. And you start laughing”
The Guardian

“Honest, insightful, revelatory and compelling”

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Hire Johnny Vegas Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Johnny Vegas Bespoke Comedy Entertainment


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Hire Johnny Vegas Bespoke Comedy Entertainment