Hire Sean Meo Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Sean Meo Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Sean Meo Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Sean Meo Bespoke Comedy Entertainment

Want to Hire Sean Meo?

Sean Meo is a veteran of the UK comedy circuit, and we mean that in a good way. One of the sharpest, freshest and most consistently spot on gag merchants bar none.

He started out like his brother (Tony), as a professional snooker player but from there discovered a talent for comedy. Although he’s still the best snooker player on the comedy circuit.

How Good is Sean Meo?

Sean has a wealth of experience in almost any situation you can think of. From awards ceremonies to thousands of people, sat on the sofa opposite Des O Connor or out in Afghanistan entertaining thousands of troops. What we’re saying here is this, the man’s adaptable, damn adaptable!

He’s written for some of the biggest names in the business, including a recent stint with showbiz legend himself, Bruce Forsyth. He’s a regular at the famous Cutting Edge show in London, where his red hot topical skills shine brightly.

He’s also got something of a reputation for handling difficult, nay impossible gigs. You can send the man in like a comedy SAS hero and he can defuse the toughest rooms and have them purring like kittens in under five minutes (ok, we mixed our metaphors there…but you get our drift)

If you’ve ever shared a tour bus with Sean (trust us on this) – you’ll know his rapier wit and dry delivery keep the wheels rolling as you drive across the country.

Sean Meo – Awards…and Movie Star!

Oh, and he’s won a bundle of awards. We should mention that. Time Out Comedian of the Year? Yeah. Every festival around the world, an unprecedented three appearances at The Montreal Comedy Festival. What’s that you ask? Who has he worked with on TV? Everyone. Well, Tarby, both the Clives (James and Anderson), Jack Docherty and the wonderful aforementioned Des.
Oh and then there’s the recent movie: Raw & Uncut – in which he starred on the big screen doing his thing.

Consistent brilliant and hilarious delivery in any situation, to thousands, hundreds or even a handful – there really aren’t that many comedians who can be this dynamic.

Experienced? You betcha. That’s what happens when you’ve been in the comedy game for twenty five years. Funny fact: when Sean started out he attended a comedy course run by none other than one of our other comedy favourites – Mr Bob Mills! Yep, not a lot of people know that.

So anyway, the point is Sean Meo is damn good, very funny and very fast. Oh, and he’s recently got very fit too – so if you need him to climb a mountain to a gig, well, he’s always up for a challenge.

What the Press say about Sean Meo

Here are our picks of the best press for Sean.
(As if you hadn’t already got the point about how damn good he is)

Here’s a fab one from Time Out
“He can turn out intelligent material with a speed that many other comics can only gasp at”

The Evening Standard said this (although we’re not in the best position to qualify the ‘sexy’ bit)
“Surreal, sexy…and very, very funny”

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Hire Sean Meo Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Sean Meo Bespoke Comedy Entertainment


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