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Personalised Comedy Show Bespoke Comedy Entertainment

Give the gift of laughter… we’ll arrange a show containing yours or your friend or spouse’s favourite comedians and what’s more – we’ll work with you to get all sorts of inside information so that the compere can fully personalise the show for them! Blissfully unaware, they will sit down to a private comedy show and slowly realise that they have become the main topic!

If it’s an anniversary and you’re both celebrating then we will interview you both separately to ensure we’ve got a good mix, your answers are treated in confidence and you won’t know until the night exactly how we’ve woven them into the show.

Personalised Comedy Show Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
There really is nothing better than watching an individual or group react to a comic on stage firing out gags that are personal to them. Trust us, homework really does pay dividends!
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Great Comedians for a Personalised Show!…

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