Hire Ross Noble Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Ross Noble Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Ross Noble Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Ross Noble Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Ross Noble Bespoke Comedy Entertainment

Want to Hire Ross Noble?

Ross Noble wants you to get lost. No, not like that. That would be rude. And Ross isn’t a rude comedian. He just wants you get totally, utterly and completely lost in his bizarre comedy world. Snooker-playing pirates? Check. Ballerinas getting blasted by giant fans? Check. Squirrel saxaphones? Check. In short, if you want a comedian with a MASSIVE imagination and a loyal fanbase that other comics would kill for, then book Ross Noble.

So he just talks a load of nonsense?
Apart from a few topics that act as springboards, Ross Noble’s material is all made up on the night. So, yes, it is ‘nonsense’ – but it’s beautifully crafted nonsense that sparks off in thousands of wonderfully wierd directions, incorporating comments and heckles from the audience as he goes along. This stream of consciousness, seat of your pants approach would terrify most comedians – but it’s what Ross thrives on. It’s what makes watching him perform live so special and it’s been the key to his astonishing word-of-mouth success.

How it all began
Because of his dyslexia, Ross Noble decided he needed a job which didn’t rely on academic skills. So he took up juggling and joined a clown troupe (as you would). However, his dreams of joining a circus disappeared when he won tickets to a comedy show and realised he simply had to be a comedian. And he hasn’t looked back – he earned a Perrier Award nomination in 1999, then won the Time Out award for his Edinburgh show ‘Chickenmaster’ in 2000. Each year and each show has seen his live following grow to the point where he has been the best-selling show at both the Edinburgh Festival and Melbourne International Comedy Festival on more than one occasion.

Ross Noble – still in touch with his ‘inner-clown’
Ross is well-known for his elaborate mimes which help his audience visualise his surreal ideas – a particular favourite of ours is ‘why you should never put a blanket on an owl’. Ross also flexed his considerable clowning muscles in the comedy-horror ‘Stitches’, where he starred as a zombie children’s clown. ‘Me slashing people to pieces,’ he says. ‘It’s horrible, but it’s funny.’

Ross Noble – hairy biker
Ross hosted his own show on Dave called ‘Freewheeling’. He took the freestyle philosophy he embraces in his live shows and rides around the UK on his motorbike taking live requests on Twitter instructing him on where he should go next, making the road trip entirely unpredictable.

What people say about Ross Noble

‘The most brilliant stand-up of his generation.’ Sunday Telegraph
‘Noble has rapidly emerged as a major force in British Comedy.’ The Sun
‘Comedy’s great free-associator. Give him a line and he’ll show you a tangent. Give him a stage and he’ll digress for hours.’ The Guardian

Did you know…?
Noble performed at the 2008 Latitude Festival and rounded off his set by leading everyone in the tent in a huge conga line (which quickly turned into a stampede) to a vegan food stand so they could all ask for pies and sausage rolls. Oh, and Ross Noble is what some people call a ‘Geordie’. You know, in case you couldn’t quite place the accent. It’s quite subtle.

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Hire Ross Noble Bespoke Comedy Entertainment
Hire Ross Noble Bespoke Comedy Entertainment


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